I am a Computer Engineer working as a J2EE developer in one of the Fortune 10 US companies. I am a go-getter who is consistently striving to maintain a fruitful and worthy existence in this global village so well connected still so far distant. 

My first day at college – B.Tech., India, our orientation auditorium had the following quote on the main stage. I still am unable to forget it ever….it just resonates in my mind more and more with each passing moment:

The future is yours…….It belongs to you
With faith in God and in yourself too
No hills too high, no mountains too tall
With faith in the lord ……you can conquer them all.


Such a simple congregation of words has such a deep effect on how I live my life. Continuing my journey in life, I came to US to do my MS. And these words have been my guiding light still.

Firm and Stern believer of “If you try, you risk Failure…..If you don’t, you Ensure it“, I am just being persistent in enjoying this legacy called “LIFE“.


Me @ LinkedIn : http://www.linkedin.com/in/jyotiraj

My English Poetry : http://www.lambency.blogspot.com

My Hindi/Urdu Poetry :  http://www.humarikalamse.blogspot.com/


One Response to “About Me”

  1. Satinder Says:


    I am friend of Amritpal Singh and was going through your profile on LinkedIn and arrived at your blog.

    I am very impressed by your thoughts and wisdom. I am also surprised to see your Reading List mentioned on left side of this blog. Do you also follow these blogs? Readwriteweb and Gigaom etc?

    About myself, I am married, live in Phoenix AZ and work for Sprint. Currently I am working on a web startup idea.

    you can contact me at sbscheema(at)yahoo.com

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