• Image fusion using fuzzy logic and applications. SINGH Harpreet,RAJ Jyoti,KAUR Gulsheen,MEITZLER Thomas. 2004 IEEE international conference on fuzzy systems  (Budapest, Hungary, 25-29 July 2004) IEEE International Conference on Fuzzy Systems, Budapest.  Citation
  • Development of a Virtual Mobile Robot Laboratory. Harpreet Singh, Hardarshan Singh, Jyoti Raj and Grant Gerhart Defense and Security Symposium, Orlando,  April 12-16,2004
  • Fuzzy logic based sensor fusion for Mine Detection and Concealed Weapon Detection.Co- authors T. Meitzler, E.J.Sohn,D.Bryk, Kimberly Lane, Jyoti Raj. Aerosense 2003, April21-24 Orlando, 2003
  • Masters Dissertation: DETERMINING A RELATIVE METRIC FOR QUALITY OF IMAGE FUSION (Fall 2002- Winter 2004)

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