Positive people are happier, period. Tapping into your bright side is easier than you’d guess !!!

We all know people whose engagement with life can only be described as joyful. Fittingly, nature rewards these happy-go-lucky types: Being optimistic in middle age increases life span by at least 7.5 years — What’s behind their hardiness: They minimize the destructive effects of stress. Of course, optimists get stressed, But they automatically turn the response off much more quickly and return to a positive mental and physical state.

Here are four habits that longevity experts say are at the heart of a sunny disposition—and that you can adopt, too: (more…)


1. Have fewer than two alcoholic drinks a day

2. Watch less than 1 hour of TV daily

3. Read novels

4. Do crosswords

5. Eat fish

6. Drink tea or coffee

7. Keep a journal


Excerpted from Robin Sharma’s Discover your Destiny.

Rule# 1: Remember that life is a series of seasons. Every human being will have to endure the harshness of a few winters in order to get the glory of best summers. Never forget that winters do not last.

Rule# 2: Join the Hope Club. Big, beautiful and seemingly impossible goals are superb vehicles to keep you inspired. Da Vinci said: “Fix your course to a star and you can navigate any storm.” When you are reaching for great and noble goals that speak to the best within you, your desire to reach them will pull you through the tough times that you will encounter along the seeker’s path.

Rule# 3: Keep in mind, at all times, that we grow the most from our greatest suffering. As we go through it, it hurts. But as we move through it, it also heals. When a jug of water falls to the floor and cracks, what was hidden within begins to pour out. When life sends you one of its curves, remember that it has come to help crack you open so that all the love, power and potential that had been slumbering within you can be poured into the world outside you.

Rule# 4: Failure is a choice. Nothing can stop a man or a woman who simply refuses to be kept down. The book – The Go-Getter is very helpful on this point. Just make a decision from the center of your heart that, no matter what happens to you, you will keep walking the authentic path. Doing so will ensure you a life of real success.

Rule# 5: During tough times, there is a tendency to let go of yourself. As you encounter adversity, have the discipline to maintain your routine – get up early, do your holy hour, eat very well, exercise, spend time with nature. And make sure that you do all you can to keep all four of your central dimensions – the mind, the body, the emotions and the spirit – in fine operating order.

Rule# 6: Feel your feelings. When you are facing hard times, some people will tell you to “just think positive thoughts.” Such advice is not helpful. While living in the past is unhealthy, one must not rush to reframe a so-called negative event as a positive one. Doing so will throw you into denial. Feel through the feelings of hurt, anger or sadness that will naturally surface. It’s okay to be with them. Processing through them allows you to release them. Just don’t get stuck in them. The key is really to strike a balance.

Rule# 7: Remember that, no matter how hard things get, you are never alone.

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A bit effort on time management takes you a long way. Some basic practices that would help you be on time and accomplish before the red light goes on.



To-Do list

To Do

Time off from gadgets


Exert in limits – take time to relax


Extend a hand 


Clean and organize


Plan your work and work out your plan.  Simple tips…….follow them to enjoy work as you would enjoy a vacation. 🙂