It’s the name of a piece of U.S. compliance legislation, with global implications, which was signed off in 2002. A key section, Section 404, went live on Nov. 15. It’s designed to prevent financial malpractice and accounting scandals such as the Enron debacle. It’s also known as the Public Company Accounting Reform and Investor Protection Act. The shorter moniker comes from the names of Sen. Paul Sarbanes, a Democrat from Maryland, and Rep. Michael Oxley, R-Ohio, who are credited as the main architects of the Act. It’s becoming known as SOX or SarbOx or SOA.

The Act covers a whole range of governance issues, many covering the types of trade that are allowed within a company, with an emphasis upon keeping everything above board. For example, the Act forbids personal loans to officers and directors. Former WorldCom boss Bernie Ebbers had taken considerable loans from his company shortly before it became the center of a corporate scandal. Other measures regulate the responsibilities of audit committees sent in to check the health of companies’ compliance. The Act also offers protection to whistleblowers.



Positive people are happier, period. Tapping into your bright side is easier than you’d guess !!!

We all know people whose engagement with life can only be described as joyful. Fittingly, nature rewards these happy-go-lucky types: Being optimistic in middle age increases life span by at least 7.5 years — What’s behind their hardiness: They minimize the destructive effects of stress. Of course, optimists get stressed, But they automatically turn the response off much more quickly and return to a positive mental and physical state.

Here are four habits that longevity experts say are at the heart of a sunny disposition—and that you can adopt, too: (more…)

Just read about a song called Codemonkey by Jonathan Coulton. Its released under a Creative Commons license so you can legally distribute and share it with your friends as long as you adhere to the license conditions. It sounds like an anthem for all of us code generating humans.


Here’s a link to the mp3 version :  ‘Codemonkey‘ 

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For those who are interested to read the lyrics of Code Monkey …browse below : (more…)

Came across this article on DRDO and the opportunities the once so esteemed organization provides to the code monkeys in India as compared to the private sector software industry these days.

Dont really agree ditto with the author, but to some extent yes. With the software industry in India booming because of the outsourcing, DRDO is hardly making any efforts to stay upbeat with the opportunities/perks they offer their employees.