WebSmart, like it’s green screen predecessor, is not a case tool. It’s a program generator.

When a new program is created in WebSmart the user runs a wizard that in which the user selects which existing files to use in the program, how the files are related and what the program should do by choosing a template. A full featured program is then generated that includes PML and HTML. After that, the user is on their own to customize the HTML and PML (Program Macro Language).

When a program is compiled the PML is converted into free format ILE RPG and compiled.

The beauty of WebSmart is that there is never a need to deal with any APIs or other ugly code that talks to the web page. All type conversions (numeric to alpha, alpha to numeric) are also handled magically under the covers.

And, best of all, the programs are lightning fast because all programs use native file access via RPG.

The PML language itself is very intuitive as most of the commands map to a similar RPG command. The language is free format and looks like a combination of CL and JavaScript.

The ability to use a GUI editor for HTML is a nice plus. Personally, I use FrontPage but any editor will work as a plug-in.

And, on top of all this you get the best customer support in the industry, bar none!